Trade Site Safety Rules Policy

1. Contractors must participate in a Site Induction/Tool Box Meeting to review Site Risk Assessment information and individual Work Instructions.
2. First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher to be accessible at all times.
3. Prior to commencement of work complete Risk Assessment and review and sign off on Safe Work Method Statements.
4. Use/wear personal protective equipment detailed in the relevant Safe Work Method Statements.
5. Hearing protection must be worn, where necessary.
6. Goggles/Eye Protection must be worn whilst performing operations that may cause eye injury, including use of cutting, grinding or welding equipment.

8. Work areas must be kept clean and safe with all trade waste to be removed to designated bin/collection point or returned to work vehicles for disposal in compliance with our Work Health & Safety and Environmental Management Policy.
When using Hazardous substances refer to Safety Data Sheets.
9. All electrical tools, leads and equipment must have a current Electrical Tag attached and be listed on the Electrical Tagging Register.
• Ensure there is no exposed wiring around plugs or cuts in lead insulation.
• All plugs on leads and power tools are to be either clear wireable or moulded type. The length of any lead shall not exceed 30 metres
• No double adaptors or multi-point power boards are allowed. Only power boxes that incorporate earth leakage protection can be used.
• All leads are to be kept off the ground except within 4 metres of the work area.
10. Excavators, Cranes and Bobcats etc. are to be operated by licenced/trained personnel only.
11. Ladders, except step ladders, must be tied off at all times and extend l metre above landings. Step ladders must have braces fitted which operate effectively and are stable.
12. All excavations must be adequately protected with barrier fencing, warning signs, hand railings, shoring and battering of embankments.
13. Smoking is illegal in the workplace. We have a Nil Drug and Alcohol Policy. Persons who breach these Policies will be asked to leave the site.
14. Dropping or throwing down of materials or gear from a height is prohibited except where a safe area has been created and must be confined to the designated area only.
15. In the event of a major accident and/or emergency contact OOO, if necessary and indicate service required:
• Ambulance
• Rescue etc.
• Details of accident
• Number of people affected
• Site Address and telephone number for site contact.
Whilst waiting for the emergency authorities, ensure those injured are not moved unless there is further risk of injury.
16. In the event of fire. Attempt to contain the fire with a Fire Extinguisher and call OOO for assistance, if necessary.
17. The Emergency Evacuation Assembly Point will be confirmed by the Supervisor at the Site Induction.
Contractors are to ensure that their employees comply with our WHSE Management System.


Risk Assessments

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