Trade Site Safety Rules Policy

  1. All staff must participate in Site Induction/Toolbox meetings, as required to discuss safety
  2. All staff must be aware of and be knowledgeable of site emergency rescue processes, evacuation procedure and site emergency assembly area.
  3. Ensure Rescue Kit, First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher can be easily accessed on site at all times.
  4. High Visibility shirts, non-slip volley shoes and Safe Work Method Statement specified Personal Protective Equipment must be worn/used by site crew at all times.
  5. When using hazardous substances refer to information in safety data sheets (SDS) file.
  6. All electrical equipment must be protected with a circuit breaker. All extension cords must have current tag affixed.
  7. Only licenced and authorised staff to operate an Elevated Work Platform
  8. Only trained and authorised staff to use scaffolding and/or scissor lifts.
  9. When working at heights in excess of 2 metres abide by WorkCover Requirements.
  10. Smoking is only allowed in the designated site smoking area .
  11. Staff must abide by our Nil Drugs and Alcohol Policy.
  12. No Ipods, 3mp players are permitted on site and mobile phones are to be used only in work breaks.
  13. Work areas must be kept clean and tidy.
  14. Walkways are to be cleared of slipping, tripping hazards.
  15. Ensure rubbish and other safety hazards are cleaned up promptly. Fire hazards such as garbage, oily rags and flammable materials must be removed immediately.
  16. At the end of the job/shift ensure all waste generated is segregated, collected for recycling and/or responsible disposal.
  17. Confirm you are leaving the site with the client and ensure work area is left tidy and safe.

Risk Assessments

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